What is A.G.R.I?

What does A.G.R.I. stand for? In simple terms the acronym stands for American Greenlands Restoration, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3).

A.G.R.I. stands for so much more. It represents the thousands of veterans, policemen, firefighters, emegency responders, skilled laborers, and volunteers who have been affected by disaster, both mentally and physically. It also represents the familes of these individuals who, like their loved ones, also suffer and sacrifice.

A.G.R.I. also stands for the countless acres of declining wildlife habitat and rural areas found across the country. Like our heros, these areas also have suffered.

Studies have shown that many who have endured tragedy, respond well to outdoor therapy. This led A.G.R.I. to the creation of "Living Memorials" where we can not only heal the environment but heal those with emotional scars as well.

Following the devastating terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and aboard United Airlines Flight 93 on September 11, 2001, citizens of the United States of America came together as a caring and resourceful people.

Those who responded to Ground Zero at the World Trade Center were assured that the air was safe to breath and the water safe to drink. It became clear in the resultant health epidemic among responders to the site that the water was poisoned and the air was toxic. Those who took part in the recovery effort will never forget. They can’t. Pieces of their lives remain lost at Ground Zero.

For their losses, their past and future suffering and for those who made the ultimate sacrifice as a result of the terrorist attacks that day, members of American Greenlands Restoration Inc. cannot and will not forget. Members of the National Guard, reservists, police, firefighters, emergency medical responders, skilled laborers from various unions and volunteers were first in responding to America’s biggest modern-day call for help.

We at A.G.R.I. will always remember that. We give tribute and support to our military men and women who answered the call from Lady Liberty, as well. Without our military, we would not have a United States, or a homeland full of freedoms and opportunities. The “Land of the Free” stands only because it is “the Home of the Brave.” The 9/11 aftermath left military and civilian responders sharing common ground in their zeal to protect and defend our homeland. Unfortunately, it also left them to share common ground through the illnesses and injuries, exposures and stresses suffered as a result of their rising to the occasion, whether at Ground Zero or in the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan. For too many, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome and depression are also common ground.

It was the devastation and suffering post-9/11 that led A.G.R.I. to create “Living Memorials” through efforts to rehabilitate rural areas and wildlife. Studies suggest that many individuals suffering from PTSD respond well to outdoor therapy. We at A.G.R.I. believe that our world can be healed one forest, one creature, one person at a time. In our effort to share the beauty of restored forestland and the healing that may come through being in nature, A.G.R.I. partners with others including educational institutions and outdoor adventure centers to bring outdoor experiences to veterans, first responders, and their families.

AGRI seeks to offer outdoor recreational opportunities to disabled veterans and first responders and their immediate family members. As we move forward, it is our intention to acquire and restore contiguous blocks of land and to someday, construct a first-class, green treatment facility, and to also establish a wildlife rehabilitation center on A.G.R.I. lands.

A.G.R.I. is a non-profit organization relying on the willing hearts and hands of our volunteers and the moral and financial support of our partner organizations and funding organizations. There is much to do for our land, our wildlife and our disabled American heroes. We are grateful to all who lend support toward these goals.

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